Background MICETEK, a leading provider of the embedded system tools, is originated from the world-renowned MICROTEK. Now MICETEK has been one of the leaders of suppliers in the Embedded field. We focus on designing and manufacture of development tools for developers to reduce their design cycle and fasten the product to market for Industry Control, Communication, Electronics and Medical treatment etc.


Technical Support

MICETEK has an abundant team with professional experience of Hardware and Software design and development. And our headquarter is located in Taiwan and has offices in the mainland of China, which guarantees the complete sales and technical service for the customers. Our main customers contain Freescale, many Aviation and Space flight academes, Huawei, ZTE, many Industry Graduate etc.

Customized Development Service  

Based on years of designing experience and professional technology, Micetek provides developers with a powerful and comprehensive suite of operating systems as well as tools for embedded system development. Micetek has developed 8 to 32 bits RISC development system, and established a stable  partnership with Winbond, Philips, Freescale, Infineon, etc. 

Full Range of Tools

As an innovative and enterprising company, MICETEK doesn't want to restrain her vision simply in the field of emulators and is now extending her market as a total solution provider. The tools MICETEK provided include In-Circuit Emulator, Evaluation Board, and IDE  for ARM/MIPS/PowerPC CPU etc. And now, the tools for PowerPC family processors are our central products. To satisfy the need of development for high-end communication products, we supply developer USB TAP In-circuit Emulator for PowerPC, JediView for PowerPC Integrated Development Environment and wide range of development board based on PowerPC processor, such as MPC8313E/8323E/8347E/8349E/8540

/8541E/8555E/8548E/8560 etc.

MICETEK always stands ready to meet customer's needs and aims at offering our clients the right tools at the right time; shortening the developer's designing cycle and helping them get the products to market much faster.


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