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Our Service Centers is located in the head office in Taiwan.
The procedure:

1. Please confirm the product's problem ( you may use the same product for inter cross comparison, or consult our service engineer.)

2. Contact our Service department in the Head Office of Taichung  

    TEL: +886-4-2302-6168  

    Fax: +886-4-2302-6268

    Email: international.sales@micetek.com  

3. Send the product (enclosed with the original service sheet ) to
Service Department, MICETEK International Inc. 
Add: 7F, #303, Chungming S. RD., Taichung, Taiwan 403

4. We will help you on  the arrival of your  package. 


 Deputized Products Deputized products are expected to be disposed by the original manufactory
You only need to inform our sales and send the product to the office nearest to you < Sales Offices >. We will handle the following procedure for you.

Technical Support Please contact our offices < Technical Support offices >
Or E-mail to: international.sales@micetek.com

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