MPC857 Evaluation Board




The MPC857DSL Integrated Communications Controller is a versatile one-chip integrated microprocessor and peripheral combination that can be used in a variety of controller applications. It particularly excels in CPE applications including DSL modems, IADs, and residential gateways.

MPC857DSLPC Features 

  ·     MPC857DSL-50MHz PowerQUICC.

  ·     Freescale MPC180 Security Processor.

  ·     One PCMCIA interface - for future expansions, like Wireless

  ·     LAN or Bluetooth.

  ·     Modular Design of ADSL/Broadband Module Card for Broadband Access

  ·     Module Design of Analog Line Card for VoIP Application

  ·     DSP56L307 on board; support DSP SODIMM

  ·     Four 10/100M Ethernet switching ports.

  ·     On board 8Mbyte flash memory and 32Mbyte SDRAM

  ·     One Console Port for debugging and monitor 

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MPC857SDL evaluation board




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