MICETEK, as one of the exhibitors, attended Freescale Technology Forum (FTF) 2008 China in Beijing on Nov.5-6.

MICETEK provides PowerPC MPC8572 development board for the developers

To help the network equipment manufacturers simplify the system design and establish the Intelligent Network application, MICETEK provides a more quick and convenience solution of MPC8572 development platform, which consists of a reusable MPC8572 processor card and two types of carriers for Network Communication application and ATCA or UTCA chassis. 

MICETEK releases PowerPC MPC8315E-RDB and MPC8379E-RDB reference design  board

The MPC8315E-RDB reference platform is ideal for hardware and software development of the 2-drive consumer network attached storage (NAS) and the digital media server. The MPC8315E-RDB is a system featuring the powerful PowerQUICC™ II Pro processor, which includes a built-in security accelerator. 

The MPC8379E-RDB reference design is aimed at small-to-medium business and consumer applications, such as network attached storage (NAS) with RAID 5, multi-function printers and office-in-a box. This cost-effective board is based on the MPC837x family, build on Power Architecture™ technology, along with leading-edge external components to help customers quickly design and implement their target application.

Providing custom  design for PowerPC development board

We will design and modify the hardware and software according to our PowerPC development platform to satisfy different customer’s demand.

MICETEK releases USB TAP ICE and JediView IDE for PowerPC

USB TAP is an In-circuit Emulator supporting MPC52XX, MPC74XX, MPC8XX, MPC82XX, MPC83XX, MPC85XX and MPC86XX family processors. JediView for PowerPC is an IDE software that can seamlessly integrated with USB TAP.

MICETEK provides MPC8313E-RDB and MPC8323E-RDB reference development board

The MPC8313E-RDB is a cost-effective reference board featuring the powerful PowerQUICC™ II Pro processor. It can be used for Printing and imaging, consumer, and industrial applications. The MPC8323E-RDB is a turnkey hardware/ software reference platform designed to rapidly provide the core elements of tomorrow’s multi-service gateway products.

MICETEK launches MPC8349E cost effective development boards

MPC8349E-mITX is a high integrated and high performance development boards for the applications, such as SOHO, industrial control equipment, and copiers, printers and other imaging systems. MPC8349E-mITX-GP is a cost-down board for industry control application.

MICETEK supplies Turnkey solution consist of MPC8541E/8548E processor card and three kinds of carrier

Combined with Freescale PQ II Pro, III processor card, three kinds of carrier can be used of different applications, Type-N carrier for Network application, Type-S carrier for Network Storage application and Type-A carrier for ATCA or MicroTCA chasis.

JUDI In-circuit Emulator for ARM/MIPS

The code loading speeding of JUDI is up to 400KB/s, and JUDI uses USB port to communicate with host PC, supporting P&P.

JEDI II In-circuit Emulator for ARM/MIPS

The code loading speed of JEDI II is up to 1.6Mbyte/s. JEDI II supports to use 10/100M Ethernet port to communicate with Host PC. And it has two USB ports; the master USB port can support flash programming by connecting U Disk without PC.


EasyPack U 8052F In-circuit Emulator

MICETEK has launched EasyPack/u 8052F, which supports 1M bytes program space. Now many large-scale companies have selected EasyPack/u 8052F to develop software for their Storage Systems.   



MICETEK acts as an agent of EPI, supplying MAJIC series In-circuit Emulators.


Express Logic

MICETEK supplies Express Logic’s ThreadX® RTOS to our customer.



Green Hills Software Releases MULTI 4.0 Improving Productivity Across All Phases of Development. Green Hills Software Enables Debugging Of ThreadX Applications While Running


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